BuzzFeed’s John Stanton Pulled to Ground by Security at BuzzFeed’s Party for Blacklisted Media

He tried to ask Rudy Giuliani a question.

The fact that former NYC mayor and Monday night RNC speaker Rudy Giuliani was at BuzzFeed’s party at all last night was a surprise.

It was after all, a party whose name, Red, White and Blacklisted, and theme was meant to call attention to the numerous outlets who were currently or had at some point been banned from attending or covering Trump campaign events, but here was a Trump supporter among them.

The detail about Giuliani’s entourage would turn out to be important, because, as Politico’s Hadas Gold reports today, BuzzFeed Washington bureau chief John Stanton was taken down to the ground at his own party because he dared to ask Giuliani a question as he was leaving the party:

According to several witnesses, security—which was heavy while Giuliani was around and included men in bulletproof vests—wrestled Stanton to the ground near the elevator banks. It’s not clear whether it was hotel security or Giuliani security who pulled Stanton down.

It turned out, according to statements provided to Gold from both BuzzFeed and John Huvane, CEO of Giuliani Security & Safety(?), that it was hotel security who grabbed Stanton, but we could see where it would be unclear, considering the size of the group of security people surrounding the Trump supporter at the party for people denied access to the very same candidate.