Buzzfeed Turns The Tables on WHCD

With the White House Correspondents Dinner a little over a week away, most news outlets have made their plans. They’ve invited guests, scored party invites and rented tuxes. One outlet that won’t be representing at the annual nerd prom is Buzzfeed. Despite their application for tables, the WHCD has denied them tables at this year’s event. We have to wonder if WHCD President Ed Henry has turned this into a personal squabble. Buzzfeed’s Michael Hastings wrote about his dislike of Henry in his book. We wrote about that here. Maybe Henry is a little touchy with his tables?

Despite the snub, Buzzfeed is turning WHCD lemons into lemonade. They are throwing their own “BBQ with Buzzfeed” DURING the Correspondents Dinner. It’s a ballsy move that will allow folks without tickets to the actual dinner to party with Buzzfeed. We hear the entire NY based Politics team, including founder Jonah Peretti, is making the trek.

More details.

The party will take place at the Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan. During the Buzzfeed BBQ, TV’s will be airing the Correspondents Dinner, if you care. We reached out to Ashley McCollum, Senior Press Director for Buzzfeed, who tells FBDC, “”We did request a table at the dinner and would have happily gone but once the WHCA made it clear we weren’t invited, we figured we’d throw a party of our own. Thousands of people flock to DC for this event and lots of them have to hide away in bars and hotel rooms to actually watch the dinner because they don’t have tickets. So we hope they’ll join us at Jack Rose for dinner and our pedicabs will be bringing people over from the Hilton for desserts and a DJ after dinner, the definitive pre party to the after parties.”

That’s right. They have pedicabs that will bring the party to them. They’re being sponsored by GEICO, who have vowed to get party-goers from the WHCD to the Buzzfeed BBQ in “15 minutes or less.” Who knows? Maybe next year, people will skip the WHCD to attend the annual Buzzfeed party?


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