BuzzFeed Pub Crawl with Nancy Pelosi and John Stanton

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D -CA) stopped by Jack Rose last night to chat a bit with BuzzFeed editor John Stanton for the BuzzFeed Brews series. The convo wasn’t nearly as salty as we expected, and the fried pickles had a curious Canola-oily aspect to them, but the drinks were free and the crowd was young and sexy. Well young anyway. And loud. So loud, in fact, that Stanton came close to hollering at everyone to shuttup several times. But since he is a respectable -if frighteningly large -man, he did not.

It thus fell upon your FishbowlDC editor to attempt to quiet the hoarde of networking interns (who knows what they were talking about. Term papers? Miley?). We, in a respectful-yet-forceful tone, suggested that everyone be quiet.

Results were mixed. Some were grateful, some were dicks. And though we were threatened by a tall, willowy, Ferguson Darling of a boy in a navy blue blazer, and had to endure his awkwardly aggressive stare for what must have been minutes, the talk ended without altercation. And we were able to get some decent quotes from the former Speaker.

And not for nothing, we were thanked profusely by a visibly peeved Stanton after the event, who lamented that he was unable to tear his clothes from his body and SMASH the terrible, disruptive youth. At least, this is what we imagine he might have done (did we mention he is quite large?). Some of the best lines and some of the most mediocre pictures from the night are posted after the jump. Click and enjoy!

On growing up the daughter of Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro: “What I learned in Baltimore is how to count. We were good at counting in Baltimore. Also I learned that tomorrow is another day. If you don’t win, just get up in the morning and try it again”

On tolerance for LGBT people: “It’s not about tolerance. Tolerance is a condescending word for me. It’s about pride. We have pride in San Francisco.”

Advice to women: “Know your power.”

Advice to House Republicans on immigration and ENDA: “Let the House vote! Let them vote their hearts out – [aside] bless their hearts. [Laughter.] We have the votes for comprehensive immigration reform and ENDA, just let the House vote!”

On a potential Washington football team name change: “I’m not going there. But I will tell you, the first song I learned to sing outside of church was ‘Hail to the Redskins.'”


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