Buyouts Rattle Newsweek

Some 30 Newsweek staffers in 12 editorial job categories have just been offered buyouts, Adweek has learned.

The number of buyout offers is actually smaller than early rumors suggested it would be. Bill O’Meara, president of The Newspaper Guild, which represents 90 editorial staffers at the magazine, said that even though 30 people got offers, that doesn’t mean the newly combined NewsBeast is necessarily looking to reduce its headcount by 30. The company hasn’t determined how many people it does want to cut, O’Meara said, but he added that he expects fewer than 10 staffers to take this offer.

"It’s not like, ‘If we don’t get X number of volunteers, we’ll have to lay off people,’” he said.

This is just the latest editorial change sweeping through NewsBeast. Earlier, the Guild added about 36 Daily Beast staffers to its bargaining unit. The operation has been a revolving door as Newsweek employees have fled for the exits, and Tina Brown, who’s overseeing the editorial operation, has put several of her own picks in place.