Buycott Adds Consumers Social Consciousness to Product Barcode Scans

There are plenty of apps that will let you scan the barcode of a consumer product good to find out details about that product and how to get a good deal. But now there is an app that applies the same technology to your social consciousness. Buycott lets you look up the ownership structure of any product and trace its roots back to the parent company that owns the app’s interactive family tree diagram.

The idea is to help consumers understand who owns the companies behind the products that they are buying and be able to boycott companies they don’t like and support companies whose policies they support. The scan brings up details about the product and its owners and helps users identify a cause they care about and support the companies on their side of the issue, while avoiding the opposition.

Forbes has more: “There are Buycott campaigns encouraging shoppers to support brands that have, say, openly backed LGBT rights. You can scan a bottle of Absolut vodka or a bag of Starbucks coffee beans and learn that both companies have come out for equal marriage.”