Buy a Goat for Ellen Ratner

Veteran Washington media personality Ellen Ratner will turn 60 this weekend.  But don’t send her flowers or even post on her Facebook wall.  Those aren’t the gifts she wants. Instead, the Talk Radio News Bureau Chief and FNC contributor is asking friends, family and anyone with an extra $50.00, to buy her a birthday goat from “Goat 4 The Old Goat,”  a project that gives goats to Sudanese families in need.

“When you’re 60, you’re officially an ‘old goat,’” Ratner explained.  “What better gift for an old goat but another goat?  A $50 goat can change a family’s entire future in the Southern Sudan.”

Ratner is headed to Sudan for an extended trip this week.  And really, what says “bon voyage” and “happy birthday” better than a goat?  Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

To purchase a goat, visit