But Is It “Olympic-Sized” Just By Default If It Was Used in the Olympics?

In Chicago, where one of us lives (his name rhymes with Steve — it really, really rhymes with Steve), there’s all this big talk about getting the Olympics to come here sometime in the far distant future (it’s either 2016 or 2160, we forget). Every day you read about the Mayor going to a meeting somewhere or the plans that need to be made. Lots of big talk to flirt with the Olympics committee, when, if Salt Lake City taught us anything, it’s to just deliver piles of cash on certain decision-makers’ doorsteps and the games will come to you, no problem. But Chicago isn’t like that. If Chicago is known for anything, it’s for not being corrupt. Ahem. Anyway, for a city that’s already gotten it’s games all set, London, for 2012, things are already moving and shaking and we just found this great video of the mockup of the Olympics Aquatics Centre. It was designed by architect Zaha Hadid and vaguely kinda resembles either a wave or that ship from Flight of the Navigator. Whatever the case, we like.