‘But Everyone’s Doing It!’: The Return of the Woodstock Museum


You may have heard stirrings about a story we were reporting on some week’s back, about funding for the Hillary Clinton-supported “Woodstock Museum” slipped in among all those billions of sneaky dollars that are a part of that big Congressional appropriations bill. We first read about it when accidentally finding ourselves on the conservative site, The Crypt, which took Clinton to task for keeping it going. Then we read something far better written and intelligent about the whole thing over on The Huffington Post. Turns out, from our reading, no one is entirely clean in this whole thing, but even though we had a laugh or two a while back about the plans to try and fun the museum, we still think this is all a bit silly, picking on Hillary for this, when nearly everything that can be written a check to is getting a batch of money in this bill, so what’s really the point in the end?