Businessweek Interviews Jack Dorsey

"We are a conversational medium around these live events."

current_500pxwideTen years ago today, Twitter was hatched. In honor of that moment, Businessweek’s latest cover feature’s Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

In the accompanying interview, Dorsey opens up about the future of the company that everyone seems to love saying is dead and/or dying. Below are some highlights.

On the “Twitter needs to grow” vs “Twitter is fine as it is” debate:

I think as anything grows, you get in this mode of paying more attention to the folks you don’t have instead of the folks you do have. And we have a mindset of making sure that we’re building a stronger tool and a more powerful tool for the people we do have. And when you do that, when you have that focus, and when you’re really listening to your customers, it tends to grow.

On what Twitter will look like years from now:

There’s a whole discussion around virtual reality and augmented reality, and Twitter has been augmenting reality for 10 years. You watch any game, you watch any live event, you watch any political debate, Twitter makes it more interesting, funnier, entertaining. I think Periscope takes that a step further by actually pulling them together on one screen. So if you were to very humbly think of Twitter as a chat room—a global chat room—it’s been this room that people talk about the world and what’s happening in the world nonstop.

On the Moments feature:

We’re definitely investing a whole lot more into that. But that’s why that live aspect is such a good direction for the company—a focus on the things that really bring that sense of electricity, that liveness, in every part of the product, whether that be search, or the timeline, or conversations, or, you know, replies that almost feel like really, really live.