Business Wire Goes All in on Social Measurement


Today Business Wire announced a new feature that confirms its investment in both social and big data: expanded press release monitoring and social media analysis reports will now be available to all clients along with standard distribution.

According to marketing SVP and top tweeter Tom Becktold, BW decided to make social reporting automatic and expand its partnership with analytics platform provider NUVI because:

“We recognize that releases are becoming more important tools to engage consumers directly and that a lot of the conversation about press releases is happening on social.”

Becktold further explains this latest step in a natural progression after the jump.

These preview screen shots show how the reports “demonstrate social media impact in a very visual way with key data points”; those points include sentiment analysis, a geographic locator, influencer/conversation/viral status trackers, etc.



Looks like a lot of data to us.

When asked how this new development will change the basic service, Becktold said:

“The client already has access to our news track measurement reports, but there’s now a new channel. The reports activate after a certain number of mentions or after six days so the clients can download and analyze them.”

Becktold notes that the automated reports are not “intended to replace or substitute for an enterprise-wide system” but that they will expand the value of the BW service for clients with more modest budgets by granting them “a great view of what’s happening down to the individual influencer level.”

And here’s your money quote:

“The press release has become a cornerstone in the way companies market to their audiences; having the ability to track conversations and influencers over social has become crucial, and NUVI puts the release distribution and the social engagement together.”