Business Insider To NYT: Stop Whining

The NYT’s published another article about how hard online journalists work. And it’s bleak. “Young journalists who once dreamed of trotting the globe in pursuit of a story are instead shackled to their computers, where they try to eke out a fresh thought or be first to report even the smallest nugget of news.” Ugh.
But Business Insider’s Henry Blodget is sick of these stories—the latest of which mentioned that POLITICO’s April Fool’s Day joke this year was to tell reporters they had to start work at 5 a.m.
“Imagine the horror of having to start work at 5AM,” writes Blodget. “Imagine having to get up at the same time as millions of other Americans whose days begin early and last long–such as security guards and coal miners and lawyers and bankers and restaurateurs and pilots and homebuilders and teachers and entrepreneurs and wire-service, radio, and TV reporters. Imagine not being able to stroll to work sometime after rush hour, spread several newspapers on your desk, peruse them leisurely until the afternoon, and then begin to think about the one article that you might (might) have to produce that day. Imagine being forced to care–as online media folks do–whether people actually want to read what you write. Life would be so oppressive and unfair as to barely be worth living!”
Fair assessment or no?