Business Insider Raises $3 Million

Henry Blodget, CEO and editor in chief of online financial-news outlet Business Insider, today crowed that his company has raised about $3 million in financing from RRE Ventures.
“We’ve raised about $3 million this time, which is a vast sum relative to the couch change we’ve been running on since we launched three years ago ($2.7 million in total),” wrote Blodget. He said his company plans to expand its newsroom, do more original reporting, launch verticals and publish more reader content, among other things. So be on the lookout for job openings over at BI.
“Someday, the money may even allow us to hire a copy editor.” (See, we told you they were making a comeback.)
RRE partner Stu Ellman gets a seat on BI’s board as part of the deal.