Business Insider: HuffPo Employees Upset By ‘Brutal’ Aol Merger

Business Insider published an odd piece yesterday evening explaining the plight of The Huffington Post employees who have been with the company for years, but are now unhappy. The headline says that things are “brutal” and “awful” since the Aol merger, so naturally we expected some lurid details, but there aren’t any.

In fact, the entire article seems to boil down to this: HuffPo employees are whining about things that always happen when two big companies merge. There’s really not much more to it than that. And the article even admits that several times.

After quoting a HuffPo person saying that Aol brought in a “weird corporate culture,” the piece then adds that this isn’t that surprising given that Aol is a giant corporation. Then a HuffPo employee bitches that they got stiffed when the office was restructured, but that’s immediately followed by another “insider” offering a perfectly good explanation as to why that happened.

The article doesn’t really say anything. And even when it tries to, it then refutes those claims. If you feel like getting a headache this morning, go ahead and read it. Headaches can be fun!