Bush Visits Russert’s Wake


Above: President Bush and first lady Laura Bush greet St. Alban’s headmaster just moments ago…

From a White House pool report:

Pool Report #1 — June 17, 2008
OTR visit by the President and Mrs. Bush to St. Albans School
For the Wake of Mr. Russert

The President and Mrs. Bush left the White House at about 1:40 p.m. in a minimalist motorcade — five black Suburbans and two black press vans, with a lead and tail D.C. police car. The motorcade traveled Rock Creek Parkway and Massachusetts Avenue without intersection control.

The President and Mrs. Bush arrived at St. Albans School at about 1:50 p.m. and entered through the Lower School, which will lead them to the Refectory (dining hall), where the wake for Mr. Russert is being held.

From Dana Perino: “As he said from his trip, the President was fond of Tim Russert and today he wanted to pay his respects and offer his deepest sympathies to the Russert family by attending the wake at St. Albans.”

Those accompanying the President and First Lady include Mssrs. Bolten, Hagin and Gillespie.

At 2 p.m., the President and First Lady were still inside the building and your pool was holding at the entrance to the school, on Mass. Ave., just a few car lengths from the President’s vehicle.


Luke Russert’s classmates will be pallbearers.

Mike Viqueira says that 200 people are in line.