Busch Lashes Out at Pellicano During Sentencing

Our insider at the Anthony Pellicano sentencing, private eye Paul Barresi, had this to report:

Anita Busch, the former LA Times journalist who locked horns with private eye Anthony Pellicano, had the last laugh as she slammed the investigator at his sentencing for wiretapping, wire fraud and racketeering today.

Pellicano’s sentencing by Judge Dale Fischer is expected later today.

Busch, who was on crutches during the testimony, said:

“You kept attacking lead FBI agents, the lead U.S. Attorney, the jury and others through the L.A. Times with your entrusted relationship with one of the reporters (Chuck Phillips). Mr. Pellicano, you show contept for the law and you destroyed my life’s work. You violated the privacy of a journalist and her sources. You’ve hurt my elderly parents, my brothers, my sisters and my friends.

I constantly live in fear of a car running me down. I was afraid to turn the igntion of my car because of a fear that the engine would blow up.

You’ve used fear and intimidation, smeared your targets in the press and destroyed their employment. You discredited me at the paper through your L.A. Times contact to make sure they did not believe me. Information was fed to the L.A. Times through your defense team.

I battled constant fear. I no longer had my career, my peace of mind, my music or my health. Death by a thousand cuts and those cuts were deep and hard.

I cannot say enough to thank the FBI for helping me more than anyone else. Those lousy razors you use on your face, the sandpaper toilet paper, nobody cares. You did it yourself. You cannot hold you mother’s hand when she gets sick. You threw it all away. You threw away your mother’s oldest son and you threw away the father to your children all for money.”

Busch, who had been accosted by a Pellicano henchman when a dead fish with a rose in its mouth was left on her car with a note that said ‘Stop,’ later left the courtroom and collapsed on a bench in the hallway.