Building Photoshop Online

Short time ago was launched one more ajax photo editor called – fine photo editing online tool to make your photos look better.

Out there are ajax-powered Words and Excels, but my opinion is that only services like this can be interesting for daily user. I think that the visual materials is thing that is mainly used to get and give information on the Internet, all the communities and social networks is full of possibilities to share and view pictures and images and that is place where offer something of ajax photo editor potential.

I don’t think that this project is something amazing, but it is easy usable and with lot of interesting photo editing features. I started to play with it and to show some possibilities of I will post a small tutorial how to get old looking picture using

1. Upload your picture, I will take one Kodak ad with paparazzi and Anna Kournikova for example.

2. Resize and Crop image. I actually will only crop image because I need on image only people without any ad texts (sorry Kodak).

3. Now I need my picture to make it black-and-white. I can do it in two different ways – first is to go to SPECIALFX section ant take Grayscale or second is tu go to SATURATION section and turn saturation value to zero. I will use second option, because I want you to see that have Preview window where you can see what looks your image after you will apply changes you have made.

4. Now let’s go to BLUR & SHARPEN and play a moment with the Sharpen slider – turn it up and it will give the picture effect that is looking a bit old.

5. And finally let’s go to SPECIALFX section and take effect called Rusty, it will make your picture with pretty Anna Kournikova look dirty. One more good thing about is that you can undo your changes that you have made and always get to original picture.

Save your picture and we are done! Below you can see original picture and final picture made with

Ok, that’s it! I’m pleased with that what I sow on and hope such services will be developing and after some while we will be able to make serious action on photo editing online in future. I would like to hear what is your opinion about and photo editing online so don’t be shy to leave your comment.
P.S. That thing about that Anna Kournikova is on the picture is joke 😉

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