Builder Names Picks for Best in Residential Design

Builder, the magazine for those who design homes, has released its winners for this year’s Builder’s Choice Awards. The top winner for Home of the Year, was the South River Residence in Chesapeake, Maryland, designed by Wayne Good (a whole feature on the house is here), but all of the houses awarded are summed up in the intro as something of survivors, going above and beyond as they face the scary future of no one buying any houses anymore. Here’s from the magazine:

“Great stress can lead to great innovation, and we’re seeing that both in 2008’s Builder’s Choice Awards and the Wm. S. Marvin Hall of Fame for Design Excellence,” says Builder‘s Editorial Director, Boyce Thompson. “Builders understand that despite the turbulence of the current building industry, residential design can be a smart selling point.”

Well worth checking out all of the winners (all 100 of them), as well as temporarily venturing off topic for a minute and taking a look at another feature in the magazine, “Where They Stand,” which writes up where McCain and Obama stand on residential building issues (it also features a composite photo that looks like Obama almost has McCain in a headlock and is going to snack on the elder candidate’s ear for a bit).