Buffer Zone to Avert Death Spiral for Smithson Jetty

(Robert Smithson).jpgNot too long ago, we told you about the oil-drilling scheme that threatened Robert Smithson‘s monumental 1970 earthwork “Spiral Jetty,” the 1,500-foot-long trail of black basalt rocks that coils into Utah’s Great Salt Lake and is owned by the Dia Art Foundation. Today we heard from Dia about the outcome of its recent meeting with Utah State officials to discuss the artwork’s long-term preservation:

Together we decided to pursue the creation of a buffer zone around the sculpture that will help protect the artwork for future generations and fit within the lake’s mixed-use resource plan. The State has also expanded their review process for the current drilling proposal, and has agreed to let Dia comment on the findings prior to making a decision.

For more on the controversy surrounding efforts to drink Smithson’s milkshake (as Daniel Plainview would have it), see Kirk Johnson‘s recent piece in The New York Times.