Buffalo Reacts to Jon Bon Jovi Open Letter

Shutterstock_JonBonJoviOn Sunday, prospective Buffalo Bills owner Jon Bon Jovi tried to reassure locals via an open letter in the Buffalo News.

However, because the letter did not categorically state that the team would never be moved away from Buffalo under his watch, most locals were not amused. Here’s a sampling of the 200+ reader comments left at press time:

nofuntown: Get lost you Jersey gel head.

Daryl DuVall: He needs to sign a binding contract that says he would never move the Bills, under penalty of death… Then and only then will I believe him.

Darcy Pegula: I changed my mind. After reading all these ridiculous, negative and hateful comments, I actually hope Bon Jovi’s group buys the Bills and then immediately moves them to Toronto. You people don’t deserve an NFL team.

Local sports blogger reaction hasn’t been much better. Here for example is how Buffalo Bills 101 contributor Anthony Custode Jr. ends his piece:

The fact remains that Bon Jovi cannot be trusted, he will continue to be banned in the Western New York area and he will not become the new owner of the Buffalo Bills, and he knows it. That is why he wrote this letter, filled with empty, half promises.