Buddy Media Launches Twitter Management System for Brands

It’s clear that Twitter has been proven as a social media marketing tool, from the success of Dell to recent reports demonstrating the usefulness of the microblogging platform. So Buddy Media, the social media company used by brands and agencies alike, has created a Twitter Management System. This lets advertisers tap into Twitter as well as analyze the subsequent data for engagement purposes.

Some of the features to be included in Buddy Media’s Twitter Management system will be the ability to measure and identify various Twitter trends around your brand, as well as the ability to track your performance and trends across your Twitter followers, other mentions, and retweets. The Twitter Management System will also track basics, such as volume and frequency of click-through rates from links posted on Twitter. Other services include the option to schedule tweets and create profiles for brand families, which breaks down to multiple-Twitter account management.

As far as analytics goes, you’ll be able to monitor what Twitter users are saying about your brand. Layer in all the other aspects of peripheral Twitter activity that’s being accumulated through the Buddy Media Twitter Management System an there’s a good amount of data to work with. Brands are ken to hone in on this data because it offers real time reflections on how a brand is doing. Line up real time feedback from consumers with a particular event, such as a product launch, and you can begin to see one way in which brand management specific to Twitter can be of importance for a marketing campaign.

The Buddy Media Twitter Management System also comes shortly after the release of the company’s Social Page Management System, which offers similar analytics and tracking tools for a given social page. The two systems actually complement each other to make an inclusive and comprehensive view of a brand’s social marketing campaign.

Just as third party tools emerged in order to make it easier for users to update thier social media content and spread it across their various social networking sites and services, a similar necessity has emerged for brands. Of course there’s the added necessity of metrics, but the presence of Buddy Media’s growing suite of management systems indicates the increased interest from an enterprise level in utilizing social media for engaging advertisements.