Bubble Saga pops onto Kindle Fire; Android version in development

King.com is expanding its “Saga” games beyond Facebook today, launching Bubble Saga for the Kindle Fire.

The tablet version of Bubble Saga is completely cross-platform, as player scores, progress and virtual goods are synchronized with the Facebook version of the game. This is similar to what King.com did with the iOS version of its match-3 title Miner Speed; cross-promotion led to significant traffic boosts for the Facebook version of the game.

Bubble Saga is one of the oldest “Saga” titles on Facebook, having launched in April 2011, but it still brings in over one million daily active users and appeared on our April list of the Top 25 Facebook Games. Starting out with Bubble Saga allows King.com to work with a smaller audience, smoothing out any kinks with the platform that may pop up before larger audiences.

Bubble Saga is only the first “Saga” title King.com has planned for mobile devices. When Candy Crush launched a few weeks ago, CMO Alex Dale confirmed multiple titles were coming to both both iOS and Android, but there isn’t a confirmed timeline for this. King.com tells us it will probably bring Bubble Witch Saga to mobile devices next, though it can’t say when.

The Kindle Fire version of Bubble Saga can downloaded for free both directly on the Kindle Fire itself or from the Amazon Appstore.  King.com confirmed that a version of the game for all other Android devices is in the works, but didn’t provide us with a planned release date.