Film Critic Exits With Star-Studded Highlight Reel

A career bracketed by interviews with Bette Midler and Martin Scorsese.

After 36 years and three months, Bruce Kirkland has retired from his post as film critic for Canadian newspaper the Toronto Sun. In a farewell piece shared this weekend, he admits it’s a bittersweet moment.

Kirkland’s interview assignments started with Bette Midler in 1980 and ended last month in New York with Martin Scorsese. In between, there were many more, as Kirkland runs down alphabetically in an article-closing section titled “A Lifetime of Encounters.” A couple of these jump out because of the personal connections that were formed:

David Cronenberg: The now-legendary Canadian filmmaker is also a friend who attends my 2013 marriage to Rachel Sa.

William Hurt: Few actors have ever become so close; he is a true friend and rare bird indeed.

Kirkland’s wife joined the Toronto Sun in 1998 as a high school intern and today works on the PR side. As another A-lister in Kirkland’s “Encounters” roll, Jack Nicholson, notes, the Canadian journalist was known to ask his fair share of questions at Cannes Film Festival press conferences.

Photo via: Twitter