Brooklyn Bridge Flags Swap Has Social Media Aflutter

Who? Why?

Those are the questions being asked today after one or more unknown parties replaced a pair of American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge towers with a pair of washed out, faded white ones featuring faint imprints of the Stars and Stripes.




The bridge is 24/7 monitored by NYPD CCTV surveillance. So presumably, there will be footage of the perpetrator(s) being reviewed shortly.

P.S. That middle tweet is from Brokelyn editor David Colon. Today, the name of his site matches the main event of the day.

Update (3:00 p.m.):
AP and the New York Daily News were briefly fooled after parody Twitter account @BicycleLobby took credit for the white-flags stunt.

Update (July 28):
Per Vocativ’s M.L. Nestel, the investigation is ongoing. DNA samples have been taken from both replacement flags and rumors are flying following the brief Instagram posting of a Brooklyn Bridge-POV photo:

The photo has spurred rumors that the culprits are street artists who zip around town on skateboards, sneak into high-rise buildings to snap photos and post their money shots online. And the scrutiny over the flag gag has incited infighting, despite establishing no culpability, amongst this tight-knit group of daredevil photographers.