British GQ July Issue Just Keeps On Ticking

Preview campaign follows a controversial Vince Vaughn with a candid Lionel Richie.

BritishGQJuly2015CoverThe issue arrives on newsstands and digital platforms Thursday. And in what amounts so far to one of the best lead-up campaigns that we’ve recently seen, the UK edition has whetted appetites with Vince and Lionel.

As you no doubt read somewhere Monday, Vince Vaughn made headlines with his excerpted thoughts on guns in the classroom. Today, it’s Lionel Richie’s turn, ahead of headliner appearances at a pair of British music festivals:

While he doesn’t pretend that he now lives like a monk, Richie insists that this period [of on-the-road promiscuity] came to a fairly swift end:

“It wasn’t the sex and it wasn’t the drugs. It was… babies. Holy shit! The first time you get that phone call when someone says… ‘Hey, guess what?’ That’s called fear, shock and awe. That’s when I realized the gun was loaded, you know what I’m saying?…

You start hearing stories from guys in other bands of, ‘I went to Philadelphia to meet my kid,’ ‘I went to New York to meet my kid.’ That puts the fear into the heart of any 19 or 20-year-old. A lot of guys didn’t care. But fortunately enough, The Commodores had a different standard there. We had some basic ground rules. As much as I would love to think we were dangerous we weren’t as dangerous as the dangerous guys. We were Ivy League funksters as opposed to the hard core.”

There’s one more day left before June 4. Perhaps on Wednesday, British GQ can give us a hint of what to expect in the article “Livin’ Like Leo! In Defense of the Ultimate Modelizer.”
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