Bringing Back the Past For the Good of the Future

You like design, right? And you like the country of Ireland, no? And you, as a designer who likes Ireland, have certain influences on your current work that stem from something in childhood, correct? If you answered yes to each of those questions (or, really, just that last one), then you’re prequalified to submit an entry into FLKStudio’s new design collection book, “Back 2 Old School Design.” The front half of the book will feature 20 designers/artists/photographer from Ireland making things based on the stuff that influenced them as children. The second portion of the book, and here’s where you come in, will feature the entries they get from their online brief. Sounds like a fun little project, and if you get in, not only do you get to see whatever you’ve come up with in print, but they’re also donating the profits of the book to a children’s hospital. Then you can say, “See that healthy Irish kid over there? That’s due to my wicked bad Scooby Doo drawing.”