Bringing A Whole New Meaning To ‘Robot Journalists’

Researchers at Tokyo University’s Intelligent Systems Informatics Lab have built a robot journalist.

We don’t mean a computer program that robotically writes news stories, but an ACTUAL ROBOT that does journalism, at least on some basic level.

According to Singularity Hub (as well as a machine-translated ISI page, “The robot detects changes in its surroundings, decides if they are relevant, and then takes pictures with its on board camera. It can query nearby people for information, and it uses internet searches to further round out its understanding. If something appears newsworthy, the robot will even write a short article and publish it to the web.”

It’s still in development, so there’s still time to eke out the last scraps of a journalism career.

Go to Singularity Hub to see a photo of the ‘bot.