Bring Out ‘Da Noise

By the way, Dan Froomkin wants to know why the rest of the news media in Washington is ignoring Murray Waas‘s string of scoops in National Journal.

“What emerges in Waas’s stories is a consistent White House modus operandi: That time and time again, Bush and his aides have selectively leaked or declassified secret intelligence findings that served their political agenda — while aggressively asserting the need to keep secret the information that would tend to discredit them,” Froomkin writes.

Froomkin lays down a challenge to the rest of the press corps: “In the traditional media, the reaction has been utter and complete silence — both after Waas’s well-documented March 2 story, and again today. There’s not one word about it in a single major outlet this morning. And that’s just not acceptable. Waas’s fellow reporters at major news operations should either acknowledge and try to follow up his stories — or debunk them. It’s not okay to just leave them hanging out there. They’re too important.”