Briefing Room Invasion

Briefing Room Invasion

While the Brady Briefing Room may be quiet for one more week, save the jack hammering of carpet renovation in the West Wing,’s Cintra Wilson entertains us with a overview of the heated mid-July events at The White House.

Wilson, present during the “Great McClellan Mauling of ’05,” witnessed the revelation of Karl Rove‘s fingerprints all over the Valerie Plame leak, the Roberts announcement, and the daily battle to “get a scoop.”

Among other things, we learn:

  • Obtaining a White House day-pass isn’t incredibly difficult as Wilson met a lawyer in the briefing room who manufactured his own press card at Kinko’s [this sounds like Eric Brewer of BTCNews];
  • Helen Thomas isn’t pleased with her colleagues’ efforts, noting “This is the most complacent and complicit media I’ve ever seen”;
  • David Gregory is by far “the most aggressive man in front, who got the most blood on the walls in the scraps with [Scott] McClellan.” Wilson adds, “It was ugly, but like a Wimbledon match. There was sweating and gruntin… but overall, it was awfully sportsmanly and polite.”
  • And, in the breaking news category, she finds The White House knows how to “change the conversation.” (see subject, Rovegate headlines to Roberts announcement)

We patiently wait for McClellan and the pool’s return…and the volleys to continue.