to Stream First Live Bridal Fashion Show on Saturday (Apr. 4) will stream its first live bridal fashion show as part of a partnership with the designer Priscilla of Boston.
Starting at 6:00 p.m. EST, the Condé Nast-owned site will kick off the event by delivering live behind-the-scenes footage just prior to the Priscilla show, which is being held in New York. Then, starting at 7:15 will stream the runway show in its entirety using technology provided by Internet TV specialist Mogulus. During the show, users will also be able to chat with other soon-to-wed viewers and vote on their favorite dresses.
Besides showcasing Priscilla of Boston’s core collection, the show will features designs from other Priscilla brands, including Melissa Sweet, Platinum, Vineyard Collection, Reverie by Melissa Sweet and Jewel.
No dollars were exchanged for this partnership, and does not plan to insert any additional advertising during the live Webcast, said officials. Instead, the partnership is about providing the audience with relevant, desired content—particularly those in wedding-dress-shopping-mode, said editor in chief Michelle Preli.
“Wedding dresses are the number one most researched items for brides-to-be and our users are always looking to be at the forefront of bridal fashion, so this virtual front seat at the Priscilla of Boston runway show is sure to be a hit with the audience,” she said.