Brian Williams in D.C. to Honor Afghanistan Orphanage Founder

NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams was in Washington Wednesday night to honor Andeisha Farid, who founded the orphanage in Afghanistan that the program profiled on it’s most recent trip. The segment aired on Oct. 30 and can be watched here.

When the segment aired, viewers were so moved that they donated over $50K before the show even returned from Afghanistan. To date, Andeisha has been able to open up four homes for orphans because of funds raised.

Andeisha was honored by Vital Voices at their Global Leadership Awards last night, which honor and celebrate women working to strengthen democracy, increase economic opportunity, and protect human rights. Williams was there to present the award to Andeisha.

“As I left the orphanage in Kabul that day, I told them all I had very generous friends back home in the U.S.,” Williams told the crowd Wednesday night. “I was talking about our viewers. And they donated a fortune.”

Among those on stage with Williams were Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, actress Reese Witherspoon and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas).