Atlantic Editor Denies Drunken Tweeting

It’s tradition to play drinking games while listening to political speeches. Taking shots every time Newt Gingrich says “frankly,” for example. Or gulping each time former President Clinton says a habitual “now listen.” But over sharing is never a good idea. Especially on Twitter, where the rules are murky and trouble can come fast.

Last night, things may have gotten carried away for associate editor to The Atlantic Brian Fung. “JAMESON SHOTS HAPPENING #literally #DNC2012 #imsodrunkicanttweet,” he tweeted during Vice President Joe Biden‘s Democratic convention speech.

In a flash, Fung deleted the tweet. But deleting a tweet doesn’t save a potentially drunken reporter from others who manually retweet their remarks. Politico‘s Tim Mak captured Fung’s tweet in a retweet.

Fung denies the charge. “I stepped away from my laptop to go upstairs for a minute and a friend of mine hopped on my Tweetdeck while I was gone,” Fung told FishbowlDC. “Nobody in the house was actually drunk or drinking at the time.”

UPDATE: The true “mastermind” behind the drunken tweet writes in…

Hi Eddie,

I just wanted to let you know that Brian’s denial of “the charge” is
legitimate – I was the one who wrote the Jameson tweet, while he was
upstairs in the restroom.

I’m not a reporter, and I get a bit carried away with the fact that
Brian has so many followers on Twitter, etc. (I myself only have 67
followers), so I wanted a bit of the limelight. We’d been talking
about how someone could potentially play a drinking game related to
Biden’s overuse of “literally,” but weren’t actually playing.

Tim Mak was sitting about 8 feet away when he re-tweeted it (at my
behest), much to Brian’s chagrin when he returned to the room and
deleted the post.

I just wanted to set the record straight – I’m fairly impressed that
you caught the tweet in the first place, and I guess I got my wish of
being featured (although not credited!).

Enjoy the rest of your day, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hayley Moller

Ps. In case you want to follow the true mastermind behind the tweet: @hemoller