Big Hollywood Contributor Proposes Fox News-Like History Channel

Even for those of us who prefer CNN and MSNBC to Fox News, it’s a hell of an idea. In a Breitbart Big Hollywood essay today criticizing The History Channel for its hypocritical dismissal of miniseries The Kennedys over historical inaccuracies, documentary filmmaker Dan Gagliasso (pictured) floats the idea of a Fox News History channel.

He argues that HC has aired many other laughably inaccurate programs, including British made The Story of Us, which featured a look at Custer’s Last Stad. Gagliasso is in a good position to know; as part of his research for an upcoming book, The Celluloid Custer, he analyzed over 90 depictions of famous event and writes that The Story of Us was right up there on the inaccurate hit list with Little Big Man. But it’s this segue that really caught FishbowlLA‘s attention:

We need a new Fox-like history channel, one that extols the values and virtues of tradition while entertaining and informing, especially on the subject of our own American history. The left-leaning Fox haters just blew a blood vessel here, but if you know the controversies and the facts and can back them up while still providing good quality “info-tainment,” the viewers will come…

Just imagine what Fox, or another enterprising network that appreciates an accurate, traditional and entertaining approach to historical programing could achieve.

The Founding Fathers being linked to the virtues of the AK-47… The Mayflower sailing straight into a treatise on illegal immigration… The ratings-tastic possibilities are endless.