Breakfast at Tiffany’s the Most Inconspicuously Racist Movie of All Time

Complex Magazine just published their list of the 50 Most Racist Movies You Didn’t Think Were Racist.

What’s number one? Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

In the history of inexplicable Hollywood racism, Breakfast at Tiffany’s takes the motherfuckin’ rice cake. Nobody would’ve noticed had director Blake Edwards removed the random, inconsequential character of Mr. Yunioshi, gold digging Holly Golightly’s bumbling, annoying Japanese neighbor, but there he is, sticking out like the two-inch buckteeth Mickey Rooney in yellowface sports to complete his look and ensure that the movie, like his portrayal, is ah-so disrespectfur.

Couldn’t agree more. After years of avoidance, this rom-com-phobic blogger finally watched the film on a rainy day with his girlfriend, hoping for some makeout time. Not the mood setter we were hoping for.

Putting aside the shameless Tiffany’s brand placement, check this out:

Hat Tip to Sarah Libby over at True/Slant, who also has an interesting post comparing Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” to “Song of the South.”