Braunstein Trial Update


Catching up on the trial of ex-WWD reporter Peter Braunstein, accused of brutally holding a former co-worker against her will in her apartment:

The New York Timescourtroom account:

Her demeanor on the witness stand was calm and crisp as she testified on Monday about being dosed with chloroform, stripped and tied to her bed by a masked man on Oct. 31, 2005.

From The Post:

Yesterday, on day two of testimony in the grotesque and riveting case, the focus was on the victim’s utter emotional collapse once he left her apartment and her 13-hour ordeal finally ended … “There are people in uniform standing out there,” she told the 911 operator. “But I don’t know if they’re police. I don’t know. I don’t trust anybody. Please, help me!”

The Daily News weighs in:

And as the victim was rushed to the hospital, cops found the sick parting message that Braunstein had scrawled in makeup on the mirror. “BYE – HOPE THINGS TURN AROUND FOR U SOON,” it said. Grillo and Robinette were followed on the stand yesterday by an emergency room doctor who said the victim suffered chemical burns and severe rope burns. The doctor said there was no evidence of rape.


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