Brands Try to #BreakTheInternet by Jumping on Kim Kardashian’s Nude Cover Photo

Nissan, Southwest, IFC got back

Kim Kardashian's derrière was too much to resist today, as everyone including brands tried to break the Internet by commenting on her famously curvaceous backside. The star posed nude and slicked in oil for Paper magazine's winter cover. The publication clearly aimed to provoke an online storm—even including the words "break the Internet" under the star's naked picture.

Well, it caught on. It was impossible to ignore. And Twitter was out of hand with comments on the salacious shot. It wasn't too risqué for brands and media to have their say—Nissan, Southwest and even the San Diego Zoo got involved. Someone even captured two trends in one by mashing up a picture of Kardashian's asset and the Rosetta space probe.

Nestlé received an inadvertent shout-out when a Twitter user noticed a resemblance between two pieces of an Aero chocolate bar and Kardashian's buttocks.

The tweets didn't quite break the Internet (actually Google did that earlier today with an outage of its advertising machine), but have a look at how Twitter users and marketers responded: