25 Brands Making the Most of Twitter’s New GIF Feature


Last week the nerds at TechCrunch told us that the new Twitter GIFs aren’t really GIFs at all–they’re just tiny mp4s on loop with no sound.

That’s OK, though. We welcome any excuse to search for funny videos on the Internets, especially when they’re part of Twitter’s latest attempt to make money on ads that will not annoy those jonesing for breaking news and trending jokes.

Here, then, are some of the brands we’ve noticed using this newest, shiniest thing.


Our town’s official guide to tourism has embraced the trend. It can apply to everything from bridges:

To bagels.

2. “Cosmos” on FOX

Is there anything Neil deGrasse Tyson can’t do (besides screen ads on the moon…)?

3. GE

Always on it.



5. The National Aquarium

Some jokes will NEVER get old.

6. Hyundai

Keeping things topical.

Now, in case you forgot that GIFs are all about repurposing existing content:

7. Forever 21

8. Dutton Books

Of course, most of the biggest names were ready to make their GIF-worthy presence known.

9. Google

10. OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)

11. Oreo

More on the food/drink/super-trippy visuals front…

12. Denny’s

13. Wendy’s

14. Arby’s

15. Ritz

16. Naked Juice

17. Mountain Dew

And the pet food front…

18. Milk Bone

Now let’s see it do fashion.

19. Proenza Schouler

20. The Society NYC/Valentino