Brand: New

Brand: New

There’s a great round-up of recent re-branding projects over on Speak Up, “an author-based, reader-supported community devoted to graphic design open to conversation and dialogue.”

The roundup, by David Weinberger, who’s a senior designer at FutureBrand starts off with some tepid destination rebranding for the state of Kentucky and the city of Milkwaukee.

There are a few other, and way better, examples there – my favorite of the bunch is for The Bahamas. This could be because I am sitting in my gallery freezing my ass off, as the snow turns to sludge outside my window, but really, objectively speaking, it’s more than that. I’m a sucker for bright color mixed together, and I love how the logo has a clean, modern interpretation on organic forms. OK, that and I really, really, really want a vacation.

Where was I… right, sitting here freezing talking about branding. The other re-branding discussed is for the cable network (and TiVO favorite of yours truly) Bravo.

I grabbed the evolution of the logo image off of Speak Up.

Again, I like. I think the changes to the branding make it more fun and engaging. Also, Bravo programming makes for some serious water cooler chatter, so the thought bubble border is apt. The logo is also relatively flexible – the mark stays the same, but there are lots of color variations.

My guess, from time spent working in corporate-land, is that the colorways are included so that the Bravo branding can fit smoothly into the individual branding for all the different programs they air. Unfortunately, they seem to want to show us every single colorway within seconds of hitting their homepage. This is irksome.