Brady: Not A Fan Of Apple Video

(earlier) Executive Editor Jim Brady isn’t a fan of the Apple – promotional video that we brought to your attention last week.

    A new video on Apple’s Web site featuresinterviews with top executives of, who talk about their work — and their fondness for Macs.

    “We’ve been able to do laptop editing in the field with Apple products,” says Tom Kennedy. “Our team has been using Apple for a long time. . . . It’s just second nature,” says Rob Curley.

    The video, produced by an Apple team as part of a series of corporate profiles, sounds very much like a product endorsement for a company that is covered by The Washington Post. But Jim Brady, executive editor of, says that was not the intent. He says he agreed to the Apple video as a way of touting The Post’s Web site, and that the Apple team chose to highlight brief comments about Apple products that his staffers made during long interviews. Brady calls the video “out of whack” but did not say he regrets doing the interviews.