Dear Media: Please Stop Calling Vitalii Sediuk a ‘Prankster’

As George Clooney, the very good friend of this bozo’s latest target, would be the first to remind: pranks require both cleverness and a certain, gentle charm.


What Vitalii Sediuk tried to pull off at Wednesday’s Hollywood premiere of Maleficent had none of these qualities. Rather, it was a desperate bid for attention by a man toting a first name with two “i’s” and forever since, it seems, a desperate need to make it all about him.

Also, as was the case with Sediuk’s America Ferrara Cannes red carpet intrusion, the Brad Pitt offensive took place within the confines of a large, publicly attended street event. As such, it no doubt felt more dangerous and threatening to those in the middle of it.

So… to E! Online, The Independent, USA Today and everyone else, please retire, moving forward, the designation of Sediuk as a “prankster.” In place of that word, may we suggest the title of Johnny Knoxville‘s much funnier film series. That same word can also be used in lieu of “journalist.”

[Photo of Pitt at 2008 Cannes Film Festival: cinemafestival/]