Boxee Releases Beta of Digital Content Aggregator

Technology startup Boxee, which has created software that pulls together digital content from numerous sources in a single interface, has officially released a beta version of its product featuring several prominent partners.

The New York-based firm has made a lot of noise in the past year by developing a product designed to allow consumers to view everything from YouTube videos to Netflix movies to family photos in a single, easy to use digital menu—one designed to travel well to TV screens.

The company, which has clashed repeatedly with Hulu, is also developing a piece of hardware which should make it easier for consumers to view Web content on the average television

Among the content companies now being featured in Boxee’s new beta software is CBS Interactive’s That community site houses information and episodes guide for hundreds of current and past TV shows—much of which will now be integrated into Boxee’s TV show menu over the next few months, said officials.

In addition, Boxee has expanded it’s relationship with the independent video production hub The two companies have now collaborated on a new application designed to make it easier for users to find indy video series by title or genre. Boxee has also built a similar app in conjunction with News Corp.’s IGN that will provide users with access to top IGN game videos, reviews and series.

Lastly, Boxee announced a new feature which will enable users to save video clips they discover while surfing the Web for later viewing—perhaps even on TV. The new Boxee Bookmarklet tool enables users to click on a particular video appearing on  select number of Boxee partner sites and place it into a personal Queue—users can later watch these videos at their leisure.

The company has signed on sites such as Metacafe, Funnyordie, The Onion, Collegehumor and Break to begin supporting the bookmarking tool.