Bow Ties Make a Comeback

If Faith Popcorn’s prediction that the 1950s, 1960s even the 1970s are set to make a roaring comeback with the recession in full swing, be prepared to see a lot more bow ties and not just on the likes of Pete Wetz or Tucker Carlson. Thrifty types will eschew the pricey varieties at the department stores for the Do-It-Yourself variety. Prom-goers will make ’em for the big day; brides for their spouses and they should be a hit in sewing classes such as these. Here is Burdastyle’s step-by-step how-to complete with a pattern template you can download and print out on your printer. What’s infinitely great about the bow tie is its simplicity. You can also make ’em from silk or brocade scraps. Hard to believe but sewing a neck-tie is actually a lot more complicated than it looks. Vogue Patterns has one if you’re inclined to sew one.