Bought Google Storage Space on Jan. 13, Free 4GB Eye-Fi Arrived on Jan. 25

On Jan. 13, I pointed my browser at…

…and paid $50 for 200GB of online storage for a year. One reason for making this investment was to get more Google space for photos (Picasaweb) and the ability to upload files of any type to Google Docs. However, I must admit that the major reason was the offer of a free 4GB Eye-Fi SD card for my camera. The Eye-Fi card arrived less than 2 weeks later on Jan. 25.

The initial setup process seemed to go well. But, I was never asked to create an Eye-Fi account as documented. I ended up pulling the provided SD card reader (with the card in it) out of the Mac’s USB socket and reinserting it. This seemed to kick off the account creation process.

I tested it with an somewhat old Canon PowerShot A710IS. Photo uploads went as expected. So, my next step was to turn on web sharing and have the photos also uploaded to my Picasaweb account. I took another pair of photos after that configuaring and found both photos on the web as expected.

The next step was to test video upload and sharing. This turned out to be a bit of a problem since the AVI files from the camera are relatively large even for less than a minute of video. The camera shut down before the first of two AVI files was uploaded from the camera to the Mac. Restarting the file transfer process involved shutting down and restarting the Eye-Fi applet. My feeling is that uploading video is much too slow of a process that essentially serves to kill the camera’s battery. So, I’m going to turn that feature off as soon as the two test videos finish uploading to Picasaweb.

The free card offer has disappeared from the Google Storage sign-up site. However, you can still find it on Eye-Fi’s site:

Addendum: Someone asked me if the geo-tagging feature works. The answer is, yes it does and was reasonably accurate considering it is only using WiFi location to do this. I should also note that the Eye-Fi card provided with this deal comes with a code to enabled geo-tagging and web sharing for one year.

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