Both the NY Times and LA Times Have Water on the Brain

It must be hot. Fantastically hot, hellishly hot. Otherwise how could you explain the fact that today, both the NY Times and the LA Times Home sections ran stories focusing on the most crucial design element during these dog days? That’s right: the pool.

For once, we’re rather impressed with both the breadth of LA Times pieces and their clean new web layout, where you can filter stories by topic or date. Choose from Pools on downtown rooftops, cliff-clinging pools, water walls and a very educational history of the Southern California pool. The NY Times examines “Pools Conceived to Make a Splash,” although most of them, as one would expect, are located in LA.

The good news: If simply reading the word ‘splash’ can lower your body temperature, then by the end of these pieces, you’ll be cool as a cucumber.