New Catholic Religion Site Features Very Appropriately Titled Advice Column

CruxLogoThe column, “OMG!”, belongs to New York magazine contributor Lisa Miller. It can be found at Crux, a site from Boston Globe Media Partners that heralds as its mission “Covering all things Catholic.”

It definitely makes for a different kind of advice-column read. Here’s part of Miller’s answer to “OMG!” query #1, from someone wondering what to do about the discovery of a friend’s adulterous relationship:

There is no question where Catholic teaching stands on the question of adultery. Marriage is a sacrament and fidelity is required of those who undertake that union before God. But your friend is the adulterer here, not you, and it is he who needs to make amends before God and to his spouse. You are not your friend’s priest or confessor, nor are you his intercessor or his wife. You are merely a nice person who tried to help him out of a tech jam.

When Pope Francis asks, “Who am I to judge?” he is not coining a phrase, but echoing millennia of tradition and teaching all the way back to Jesus, who challenged those who were without sin to cast stones. Keep your accidentally begotten information to yourself. But with this caveat: If this is a very intimate friend (it’s hard to tell from your note), and you find that the pressure of your suppressed disapproval causes your relationship with him to fray irremediably, you might mention that you saw something sensitive in his e-mail by accident and see what he has to say.

The site is being watched over by EIC Teresa Hanafin, a 29-year veteran of the Globe. Senior CNN Vatican analyst John L. Allen Jr., who writes the Sunday Globe column “All Things Catholic,” is serving as associate editor. The site also poached Margery Eagan from cross-town rival the Boston Herald to serve as spiritual columnist.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.