Bose Corporation Founder Dies at 83

Amar Bose has gone to that big Wave Radio in the sky. The Philadelphia-born, MIT-educated founder of the Bose Corporation died Friday at his home Massachusetts. He was 83. “Dr. Bose founded Bose Corporation almost fifty years ago with a set of guiding principles centered on research and innovation. That focus has never changed, and never will,” said Bob Maresca, president of Bose Corporation, in a statement. “Bose Corporation will remain privately held, and stay true to Dr. Bose’s ideals. We are as committed to this as he was to us.”

A classical music buff, Bose founded his company in 1964 out of disappointment with a pricey stereo system he purchased while a student at MIT. His own acoustic engineering research was behind the first Bose sound system. He sought advice from one of his mentors at MIT, Y. W. Lee, on naming the company. “We were trying out various combinations with ‘acoustics’ and ‘electronics’ but couldn’t register any of them till Professor Lee gave me a few tips,” said Bose in a 2004 interview with India’s Economic Times. “He said the name shouldn’t be restrictive, since you never know what you’re going to be doing five years later, easy to pronounce in America, and short, so that the logo didn’t hog too much space.” In 2011, Bose gave to MIT the majority of the stock of Bose Corporation in the form of nonvoting shares.