Borders Closing Sale Enters Final Weeks

If you haven’t been to a Borders store lately, now would be a good time to go get an eReader.

Borders sent out an email to its Borders Rewards mailing list this morning with a new announcement. It’s winding down store operations, and as a result it has increased the sales discount. Everything in store is on sale (including fixtures), and  it’s now priced at 50% to 70% off.

If there’s still a Borders store in your area, chances are it still has eReaders, cases, and accessories in stock.  A spot check of various stores showed that had a fair number of Kindle Wifi eBook readers in stock. They all also had dozens of cases that fit any number of tablets and eReaders. The accessory selection was quite diverse, too. There were everything from emergency batteries to screen protectors and skins for the Kobo Wifi.

In case you were worried, an eReader purchased from Borders will still have its manufacturer’s warranty. Also, the Borders eBookstore might have closed, but you can still buy eBooks just about anywhere else (except iBooks, B&N, and Amazon) and read them on the eReader.

P.S. If you are uncertain about what to do with the eReader you bought from Borders, this brief FAQ might help.

image by rubenerd