Bookpeels Offers Literary Themed eReader Skins

One of the downsides/benefits of an eReader is that no one knows what you’re reading. Bookpeels is going to change that.

Bookpeels is a new source of skins that you can peel and stick to your Kindle. All the skins have a literary theme or they are based on a iconic visual scene in a movie or on TV.

This store is starting small, and it only has 11 skins in stock – each priced at $3. All are demoed on the K3, which means unfortunately won’t work on a lot of eReaders on the market, but it should still be possible to trim the skin and apply it to non-Kindle eReaders.

The selection might be small, but the quality and literary appeal are high. There are a number of designs that tempt me, and I would have to say that my favorite is the “Hello, my book is” skin. It’s the kind of attention getting skin that I would like to have on my e-reader.

via Bookpeels