Book Publishing Also Looks at Its Green-ness


While the magazine industry tries to figure out how to stop being so un-green, book publishing is also thinking of the same thing, just maybe a little more optimistically (or at least better at lying to themselves). According to this story over at Eco-Libris, the Book Industry Study Group and The Green Press Initiative has just knocked down a bunch of trees to publish the eighty-six page report, “Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts: Findings from the US Book Industry.” In it, it examines what the publishers are doing to design a system where the major publishers are using less paper, more recyclables and working closer with environmental groups. To which we say bravo. But we recommend they just tell people what to do what we do: hold on to every book you’ve ever owned so every time you move you swear off ever buying another book for as long as you live. Granted, that plan probably wouldn’t hold up too well on the financial end of things.