Book Publishers Jump on Hacking Scandal

Two accounts are already in the works

No international scandal would be complete without several books documenting it—even if the scandal itself has yet to run its course.

Labour MP Tom Watson has signed a deal with Penguin Press to write his own account of the News International hacking affair. The book, which is being co-authored with Martin Hickman of The Independent, is scheduled for publishing by the end of the year.

The Guardian’s Nick Davies, who has also been closely reporting on the hacking allegations, has signed a separate deal to write a book for Chatto & Windus in Britain and Faber & Faber in the U.S. The tome, provisionally titled Hack Attack, is due to be released in autumn of next year and will put the hacking into the wider context of Rupert Murdoch's governmental pull.

Despite the books' identical subjects, there’s no competitive spirit between Watson and Davies, according to the Guardian’s Richard Greenslade. “I understand they have talked about their separate projects and both agree that it is such a huge, sprawling story there is room for more than one account (indeed, more will surely follow),” he wrote.