Book Expo Preview Day Is Dedicated To Indie Publishing

Book Expo is around the corner and amid the hubbub of major book publishers announcing deals and celebrity presenters, it looks like it is going to be a good event for indie publishers. May 21st, the Saturday before the main Expo, successful indie publishers are going to share their secrets at a DIY event.

The day has attracted a lot of talent in the indie arena including Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing authors Ray Sabini (Sweet Farts) and B.V. Larson (The Vampire’s Image), as well as publisher Richard Nash (Cursor Publishing) and retailer Julia Coblentz (Senior Manager of PubIt!, Barnes and Noble’s self-publishing tool). The content looks very promising for smaller publishers and authors.

For example, a session called “Priced to sell,” a presentation by a exec. Here is the description: “How can self-published authors maximize sales and profits? How did two competing pricing models emerge and what do they mean for the industry as a whole and DIY publishing in particular? In this session we’ll take a look at some pitfalls to avoid and tips you should know about when pricing and distributing your book through the different platforms available.”

For more information on the DIY Authors Conference, follow this link.